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Sesame Street Turns 40!

November 10, 2009 by Webmaster

Sesame Street
Sesame Street is celebrating its 40th Anniversary! Join Lincoln City Libraries in celebrating this milestone by checking out some of our books, CDs, DVDs, and videos related to Sesame Street - we have over 250 of them!

Please leave a comment below to share your favorite Sesame Street memory!

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Vicki said:
Who is your favorite character from Sesame Street?
I always liked Grover because he was so sweet and easy-going but...could also be extremely silly.
I always respected miss piggy though...she is one cool pig!
Scott said:
Cookie Monster. I'm pleased to see that he's become a bit more health-conscious in the past 30 years since I watched the series. But his abandon-all-restraint attitude in pursuit of his passions, like cookies, was always appealing to me. My sister and I shared a Cookie Monster hand puppet in our single-digit years, and that was one of my favorite toys as a kid. (Kermit would, of course, be a close second, with his "Frog on the street" reports!)

And, if you broaden this to include Muppets who didn't debut until The Muppet Show, I'd have to vote for Pepe the King Prawn!
Tami said:
When I was five or so I would eat my lunch then watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers (the only 2 shows I was allowed to watch). My favorite character is Cookie Monster and for the obvious reason "Me want cookie." You got to love the big blue monster.
Melanie said:
Tweedle Bugs!!!!
Jodene said:
Oh my gosh - the tweedle bugs! I loved them! They lived in the flower box, didn't they? I loved their little car. Talk about an imaginary world within an imaginary world. sigh....
Sarah said:
I just had to go watch some Tweedle Bugs videos on YouTube. :D
Lisa said:
My favorite Sesame Street memory is all of the great, ultra-creative alphabet and number songs. They were actually very early music videos, and my favorites were the one for the letter "O" and the capital "I". I really didn't like the baker that fell down the stairs, though. I figured that for a grown-up, he should learn from experience to be more careful when he was carrying all those pies (and what a waste of good dessert !)
Sarah said:
I loved so many of the Sesame Street characters but I always LOVED Snuffy! I don't know why maybe because he was so big and cute and I always liked his SUPER long lashes! I remember when I was little I got a little Zipper pull to clip on my jacket and it was of Snuffys baby sister! I Loved it! I think above all I remember that I loved when they showed how crayons were made!!
Marti said:
Back in 1978 my son was going to start first grade. He did not want to go. Reason? He watched Sesame Street at noon and when he started going to school all day he would not be able to watch it during his lunch hour. I made a special appointment with his teacher who was a very sweet person and she talked him into
going to school.
Kathy said:
I was a Sesame Street fan as a child but really love it as an adult. I've watched it with my kids and grandkids and really appreciate the fact that it's something worth watching in a world of stuff that isn't fit to watch. Television can't get much better than the likes of BB King and James Taylor singing along with the Street characters!
DeAnn said:
I was in kindergarten when Sesame Street first aired on PBS (the first person in my family to watch it, actually). My favorite character always was and always will be Cookie Monster. My favorite songs were the Season's Song (It's Springtime...) and the King of Eight (I'm the King of Eight and I am here to state that everything has the total Eight...). Thank you, Sesame Street!
Kathy said:
I loved watching Sesame Street with my kids. My favorites were The Count; remember when he counted to ONE! and Snuffy (Mr.Snuffleupagus)who was so shy. I loved the voices and songs. Remember "Rainbow Connection"? I think I heard that on Sesame Street. Our kids were excited when we visited Salem, Oregon where they have a street named Sesame Street. It's near a working oil well.
Susan said:
Sesame Street started when I was three years old and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I loved Bert and Ernie. I sometimes still break into song with "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong..." or "Rubber duckie you're the one..."
Barbara Rixstine said:
My son was born just in time to start the Sesame Street series. My favorites are/were the Swedish chef and Grover. My favorite activity was when the rubber ball would roll down the Rube Goldberg network of tubes and tunnels to music. As you can tell, I enjoyed watching it.
Sarah said:
I remember had a Snuffy drawing pad. It was HUGE. I think my brother got the Big Bird one, but I was soooooo happy I got the Snuffy one. I'm pretty sure I thought Maria was the prettiest lady in the world, and for some (???) reason, I had the nickname Cookie Monster for a long time.
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