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Mystery recommendations from Just Desserts group

February 17, 2012 by sdc

Hey, mystery fans! Looking for something good to read?

At the January 2012 Just Desserts meeting, after discussing our monthly “assigned” book, we did a round robin at the table, asking attendees to share what mysteries they’d been reading lately, (especially over the November/December "hiatus" that the group takes), that they felt they could recommend. Here’s a list of the books that were hot last month with this mystery-savvy crowd:



So, what mysteries have you been reading that you’d recommend?

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Scott C. said:
One of our Just Desserts members e-mailed to say I needed to make a correction to this list -- the "Americans in Paris" they had recommended was not the Charles Glass book I included in the above list, but rather "The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris" by David McCullough. They also recommended "John Adams" by McCullough.

My apologies for the error on the list.

Scott C. / Just Desserts coordinator

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