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One Book One Lincoln!

June 08, 2010 by PatLeach

I've been thrilled by the public response to our announcement of the One Book One Lincoln finalists.

People have also had good things to say about a twist to this year's program--readers get to vote on the winner. Please do vote for your selection during June and July. We'll announce the winner in mid-September.

As I've noted in previous entries, I heartily recommend that you acquire a reading "discipline" (I'm wishing for a more fun word for this) such as always reading the Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel, or the Edgar Award winner, or...the five One Book One Lincoln finalists. Summer's a great time to set this in motion, and One Book One Lincoln a fine motivator.

The best part of One Book One Lincoln, to my mind, is the community conversation that swirls all around it. Please do read at least one of the books, and then starting talking...or join the conversation on Facebook or on our website.

So far, I've read "Finding Nouf" by Zoe Ferraris and "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan. I recommend them both. I tend to remember single images more than I recall the flow of the narrative. In "Finding Nouf," I'll keep an image of the man who helps to track her, a desert tracker who remembers footprints like most of us remember faces. I can't see a footprint now without remembering him. In "Loving Frank," I'll remember when Mamah reads the letter telling about the death of a beloved friend, and how a stranger helps her in her distress.

What do you remember? And what do you think of our finalists? Let's talk!

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Jodene Glaesemann said:
Finding Nouf was wonderful. A great story with a surprising mystery ending. And I loved learning about Saudi culture and how the Quran influences daily life. Truly a well-written, good story.

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