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Library Board Position Open

June 29, 2009 by PatLeach

Lynda Anderson will complete her seven-year Library Board term at the end of August. Lynda's been a remarkable asset to the Board, using her financial and organizational expertise to help the Library run well. We'll miss her sense of humor, too.

The Library Board is now accepting applications to fill her vacant position, with a July 22 deadline.

You can see the news release and access the application from the library's website.

The Library Board will forward all applications to the City Council. Typically, they pull out a few applications that they consider of particular note, to recommend to the Council. The City Council does have the option to name from the entire group of applications.

Of note about the Library Board is that it is an administrative board, with responsibilities to set policy and develop the Library's budget. I've been entirely impressed by the effectiveness of their work, a tribute to the excellent members and their focus on providing great library service to our community. In my first year as Director, I've relied on their good advice and deep experience.

It's important that the Library Board continue to draw new members who will work hard to provide the best library service to our community.  The only firm requirement is residence in the Lincoln.  You're welcome to contact me at 402-441-8510 if you have questions regarding serving on the Library Board. 


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