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July 21, 2009 by PatLeach

A library promotional campaign is underway--Geek the Library.

It celebrates that streak of nerdiness-curiousity-obsession in who-knows-what that many of us harbor. Of course, your public library is the place to indulge this inner Geek.

I had a Geek spell just the other night when I was researching some authors. For a talk I'm preparing, I was searching for quotes by authors with books on the One Book One Lincoln list, and on this year's American Library Association Notable Books list.

Lo and behold!  Geraldine Brooks, the author of the One Book One Lincoln finalist, "People of the Book," is MARRIED to Tony Horwitz, who wrote "A Voyage Long and Strange," one of this year's Notable Books, and one that I enjoyed quite a bit.

I can't tell you how VERY pleased I was to learn this.

I've noticed that people feel like they know my husband (see page 6) because they've heard his voice on their radio, and they believe that they've welcomed him into their kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. I feel a little like that about authors whose books I've enjoyed. I have a sense that they've visited my home. In my why-yes-I-did-grow-up-in-a-small-Nebraska-town way, I love learning about the connections between those people. Even though I don't know them.

So what do you geek? Consider yourself invited to indulge YOUR geek at Lincoln City Libraries! 

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Lisa Kelly said:
I have started creating my own summer and winter library programs to geek my library. When Masterpiece Theater did all the Austen movies, I read all of her books. Last summer, I watched all Hitchcock movies, and this summer, I'm watching James Bond movies. The geek part is the thematic approach I suppose but I love that the library has it all there for me to check out until I'm ready to read/watch/listen -- and is happy to share.
Vicki Wood said:
One of my odd librarian fantasies is that one day, everyone decides to explore a subject that they are curious about. Instead of kicking back on the sofa after work, everyone heads to the public library and takes just one book about whatever.... the Icelandic lsnguage, the Amazon, brain chemistry, castle construction and spends the next two weeks reading and sharing their knowledge with family and friends.
How cool would that be? Call me a geeky librarian but I think this kind of curiosity could change the world!
Willa G. said:
Speaking of geekyness, I read in Scientific American that CERN is planning to fire up the Large Hadron Collider again this fall...but I don't suppose anyone but me would be interested in a book display on black holes and particle physics?

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